Why Lines on the Pines Kids is such a good idea- a personal take

I wish I had known more when I was a kid. I knew about minnies, flatties, and all mouths.

I knew about tides, good waves, and mackerel back skies.


My father teaching me to sail in Ship Bottom on Barnegat Bay in our Barnegat Bay Sneakbox


Over the bridge, though, was the forest. We called it the Pine Barrens. There were deer, turtles, and many many trees that made for miles of vistas I wanted to explore.


At present there are many more deer like this buck with his antlers robed in velvet. Box turtles are now a species of special concern, primarily due to habitat loss.


Pitch Pine view along the Red Road


I will never forget the first time my grandpop and dad took us past an old railroad bridge and over a fresh water stream. I will never forget the first time I saw a lady’s  slipper orchid nestled in pine needles. I will never forget our camping experiences at Bass River State Forest with my family when we were teens.


The fascinating native Lady’s Slipper Orchid and one of my favorite views in Bass River State Park.


There’s more, so much more. I wish we had had a better learning plan that taught us more of how wonderful both the shore and the Pinelands are.


The great story of New Jersey is that it is the land of a million stories. The Pinelands certainly has it’s share to tell.


Although many of us call this place home- how many of us know how wonderful and incredibly rich in flora and fauna the Pinelands are?


The beautiful bog asphodel. New Jersey is the last stronghold for this flower.


A chance encounter with a Pine Barrens Treefrog.


How many of us look at a map and see place names steeped in history?


A worker’s cottage at Whitesbog Village, home of the world’s first cultivated blueberry.


Batsto at Wharton State Forest, manufacturing bog iron products for the Revolutionary War


If you want your children and grandchildren to have a fun and creative way to tap into nature, history, and the culture of New Jersey and the Pinelands- to have a greater awareness and sense of place- there is a very good way to do that- all in one day!


How about some hands on learning? How about listening to a live musician? How about meeting artists and authors who live the life and spin the tale?


This is all happening  in a fun environment created especially for you and your children to enjoy together in a rehabilitated state of the art building in an historic Pinelands town steeped in the types of stories that will be both familiar and new to you. It’s an amazing creative opportunity free to the public with workshops available for a modest fee.


Give your children the advantage of perspective, perception, and a sense of place. It’s dynamic learning that will open new doors in hearts and minds.



Lines on the Pines for KIDS goes to College!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

11 AM – 4:00 PM

 Go to:


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